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spindrift 10


spindrift 10 sail/oar dinghy

Interlaken Boat Works #1, the first boat made by the shop is now available for sale.  It's a 10' cat rigged sailboat that's also great to row.   The best part is that the sale price is just above the cost of the materials alone!  Only slightly used, the boat will be sold "ready to launch", with rigging, spars, sails, hardware and oars. 

Sale price: $3,200


This 14'7" decked canoe is the most comfortable, swift and seaworthy double paddle boat I have found.  This newly built Fox is available for sale now.  

Interlaken boat works produces hand-made and traditionally styled small boats with an emphasis on quality, durability, and good design. With minimal care and maintenance, these boats will last for generations. My intention is to produce boats that can be used daily and still become family heirlooms.  A focus on traditional designs and the synthesis of wood and modern materials define boats made by Interlaken.


A few words on design:


Boats have likely been in use since 7800 BCE. And in that nearly 10,000 year span some design elements have emerged that have proven essential. This is why when I look into boat designs to build I keep an eye towards the elements of style and functionality that have evolved with the constant fine tuning of an ancient craft. This ages old refinement has produced designs that are so intuitive that a person feels connected to the water when in these craft. History more recently has excluded the production of many old styles partly due to the influx of cheaply mass produced fiberglass boats.


Fortunately the historic fabric remains through the preservation of past boat designs, and a few surviving boats from a bygone era. All Interlaken boats draw on these traditional styles and continue the legacy that has bonded people to the water for generations. In short, my boats are built to utilize the vastness of this accumulated knowledge, not the production value of a certain material. This is why a hand made boat costs more, but delivers a generation spanning value, and an aesthetic that reaches deeper into the soul than anything else on the water.


Greg Dudley, Buffalo NY, 2017


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1939 Knud riemers designed Tumlare sloop "mam-zel"

Interlaken boatworks is currently undertaking the restoration of this classic 27.25' racing/cruising sloop designed by the famous Knud Reimers.  

       The restoration will be taking place at the Buffalo Maritime Center.  


16'10" Tirrik

This Iain Oughtred designed sail/oar "double ender" is a great example of a modern daysailer that draws from traditional scandinavian and scottish designs.

The Pygmy boats "Pinguino" Kayak is great looking, lightweight, and very fast.

Designed by Bill Thomas, the "fox" decked canoe is the perfect blend of a kayak's seaworthyness and a canoe's comfort and carrying capacity.  

Spindrift 10 Sailboat

Built from B&B Yacht designs S10 plans.  A great boat for adults or kids to learn to sail.

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