Spindrift 10 Sailboat

       When choosing a design for my first sailboat build I was looking for a boat that would offer the fewest impediments to just getting out on the water and sailing when the mood strikes.  I went with B and B yacht designs Spindrift 10 because it seemed like a boat that anyone could have fun with right away.   It can fit in the back of a pickup truck and without much rigging can be out sailing in minutes.       


      The s10 would be the perfect boat to keep at a lake cottage or waterfront property.  At 10' long and about 100lbs, the boat is easy to move and launch from a simple cart or dolly.  


       Despite it's simplicity, it is so well designed that a novice sailor can learn with confidence.  This boat is ideal for children to learn to sail and row.  With built in flotation and a reefing sail, the boat is very safe for a beginner.  Despite being a great training boat,  the s10 is capable of great performance,  many owners of these boats race them.  It is also suitable for a small outboard or trolling motor, which could make it a great boat for fishing as well.

        Construction is of Okueme BS-1088 marine plywood, clear vertical grain Douglass fir, and accents in mahogany and repurposed American Chestnut.   This boat is both a knock-about sailor and  a work of craftsmanship.  Finishes are all top quality marine epoxy and poly-urethane paints, with stainless steel and silicon bronze hardware.  It's good construction ensures a generation spanning heirloom, but with a durability that will free you from worrying about the minor dings and scrapes that all boats get.

Price: $3200.

Includes:  Boat, spars, reefing sail, rigging, oars, solid wood daggerboard, kick-up rudder with tiller and extension.  *trailer not included*

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