The Tirrik design is well known as a seaworthy and elegant boat.  It is designed after the classic Scottish and Scandinavian fishing boats in use for hundreds of years.   at 16'10" LOA and 5'4" beam it is large enough to be a capable sailer but easily beached or rowed.

I chose this design specifically for its versatility as a sail and oar boat.  The rig is a simple balanced lug with a single sail and an unstayed mast. That makes it quick and easy to trailer, set up, and launch.

The shallow draft makes it beachable, the narrow and sleek design make rowing easy and fun.  There's no need for a motor and all the added expense and maintenance that comes with it.  Forward and aft compartments offer plenty of storage space making it a perfect boat to camp out of.

This boat is built in the glued-lapstrake method.  Construction utilizes the best materials available such as Sapele and Okeume BS1088 marine plywood, quarter-sawn White Oak and Douglass Fir, and silicon-bronze fasteners and hardware.  

This boat is not currently for sale, but orders for new builds are welcome.

Contact me for pricing and customization info.

Iain Oughtred


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