27.5' Tumlaren racing sloop

          Actually, the class name "Tumlaren" means porpoise (in Swedish).  Not to their discredit, the article above is among the many from that era to extol the virtues of the Tumlare design.  The distinguished sailor Uffa Fox called these boats "the most advanced sailboat design in the world", and in the peak age of sailboat racing, that compliment is meaningful.


       The Knud Reimers Tumlare design (Tumlaren is the plural) has spread all over the world since its introduction in 1934.  There is estimated to have been at least 600 built.  Today many survive and sail regularly, but here in the Great lakes they are scarce and highly sought after.   This particular boat was built in the Buffalo area and sailed on Lake Erie for many years.  Though left derelict in more recent times, this boat will go on to sail again.

    The Tumlare pictured above is the first restoration project for Interlaken boatworks.  She was built around 1940 in North Tonawanda New york.  She Primarily sailed on Lake Erie and was a member of the Buffalo Yacht Club fleet for many years under the name "Mam'zel".   She is built entirely of genuine Mahogany and white Oak, and despite much of the lower part of the boat being rotten and needing removal, most of the wood is in immaculate condition. 

     Today the boat lies at the Buffalo Maritime Center.  A spectacular resource open to the public for anyone interested in boats and boatbuilding.  Restoration will take place here and is open to public viewing.  Please feel free to stop in during regular BMC hours.

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